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Restaurant Bloomington IL

Restaurant Bloomington IL

It’s not uncommon for many people to view pizza as simply a delicious food option that should only be enjoy on an occasional basis. However, there are a number of healthy benefits to pizza that you might not have considered before. When you and your friends or family enjoy quality pizzas at our Restaurant Bloomington IL, you will receive a very flavorful meal that is made from some of the healthiest and freshest ingredients currently available. Keep on reading this informative post to learn just some of the reasons why eating pizza can be a smart diet choice:

-A typical pizza slice contains approximately twelve grams of healthy protein. An important compound for optimal health, protein is what your body needs to gain more muscle tissue, enzymes, antibodies and more. Without sufficient protein in your daily diet, you might start experiencing illnesses more often and have less energy. Although the daily recommended amount of protein can vary depending upon your level of activity and body type, it’s essential to ensure that you are consuming enough.

A delicious and convenient way to accomplish this is to order pizza from our Restaurant Bloomington IL! Just one slice can help provide your body with the protein it needs – and it’s delicious too!

-Restaurant Bloomington IL pizza can make it easier for your body to absorb the lycopene, which is an antioxidant contained in tomatoes. (Tomatoes, as your surely know, are a base ingredient for making pizza sauce.) Lycopene can help to lower and regular blood pressure and even help reduce cholesterol levels. Also, it is easier for the body to absorb lycopene from tomatoes after they are cooked as opposed to uncooked tomatoes. So the next time you and your household are discussing what to have for lunch or dinner, why not stop in at our Restaurant Bloomington IL and order a pizza?

-Fresh vegetables are among the healthiest choices when it comes to toppings. You might recall your parents frequently encouraging you to eat all of your vegetables at meal time. In fact, perhaps you even resisted at first and were not permitted to leave the dinner table until your plate was clean. Vegetables are without question a significant part of practically any type of healthy daily diet, which is why here at our Restaurant Bloomington IL we proudly offer a large selection of authentic and fresh vegetables for pizza toppings.

-Restaurant Bloomington IL pizza is not just great for lunch or dinner – it’s a fine option for breakfast, too! Most like you have at some point heated up a slice of pizza the following morning for breakfast and enjoyed it! As your fellow pizza enthusiasts, we can’t see why more folks don’t do the same and start their day out with a slice. Whether it’s fresh and hot out of the oven or straight from the fridge, pizza is a good meal to serve in the morning. In fact, the healthy benefits of pizza far exceed that of many breakfast cereals!

Besides the wide selection of pizzas you’ll find on the menu at our Restaurant Bloomington IL, we also serve pasta dishes, wings and many other very popular items that we prepare fresh every day in our kitchen.

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After placing your order at our Restaurant Bloomington IL, take a moment to enjoy these fun facts about pizza and Italian foods:

-The city of Naples in Italy is considered to be where pizza was first invented sometime during in the early part of the 1800s. Also, it was in Naples where an enterprising chef by the name of Raffaele Esposito created what is known as the Margherita pizza. Intending to prepare a simple dish for the Italian Queen Margherita, Raffaele created a pizza that featured the colors of the nation’s flag, with basil representing green, tomatoes for red and mozzarella cheese for white.

-The popular and tasty dessert tiramisu is enjoyed in multiple nations around the globe. But despite its popularity, tiramisu is a fairly recent culinary creation in contrast to some other classic Italian desserts like cannoli. While the specifics of the dessert’s origins are not clear, it likely first began appearing at eateries in Italy during the 1960s and soon gained favor throughout the country and then Europe.

-Along with pizza, various pastas are the dish that people commonly associate with Italian cuisine. There’s certainly a viable reason for that – pasta is a classic Italian staple. According to food consumption research and statistics, approximately 66 percent of Italian citizens reportedly eat pasta at least once per day or nearly every day. It’s not a surprise that no other countries in the world consume quite as much pasta. Italians individually eat approximately fifty pounds of pasta every year.

But don’t assume they are eating all that pasta in the same form each day. Without a doubt, pasta can be prepared in many different ways and with many various ingredients. You can enjoy it practically every day and never have the same recipe! There are many types of ingredients that may enhance pasta dishes, which detracts from the generalized notion of a large bowlful of plain, unseasoned pasta. For instance, you could add a flavorful selection of veggies along with a range of different fish or meats. And of course, various types of cheese are a natural recommendation for pasta.

Another reason for the lasting popularity of pasta is simply its versatility in how it may be served. It is a food that can be consumed cold or hot. Usually, pasta is served hot whether it is right off the stovetop or directly from the oven in our Restaurant Bloomington IL, such as lasagna. However, particularly during the summer season, you can opt to serve it cold along with a leafy, green salad or with fresh seafood.

The sauce ideally should be on the lighter side, or simply serve the cold pasta with some olive oil, salt and a touch of lemon.
A great aspect to pasta is it offers such versatility that you may make it to suit your personal preferences. Whether you like a rich and creamier sauce or whether you’d rather have a hot and spicier flavor to your pasta dishes, you can always find options that will satisfy your appetite.

There is a large number of various recipes that you could sample – they may start off basic, allowing you to gradually advance to more recipes that are more complex. Regardless of your experience level in the kitchen might be, there’s no reason why you won’t be able to soon master the craft of making delicious pasta meals. This is a big reason why pasta is a meal which you can serve to your household frequently– because you could always do different things with it to suit your taste even without much planning.

There’s no need to make a large batch of pasta to last you for several days. (Actually, you should only serve pasta when it is fresh.) You can easily source the fresh ingredients you need at your local grocery store or they may even be in your kitchen cabinets already, allowing you to prepare a variety of meals.

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