Pizza Bloomington IL

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Pizza Bloomington IL – Lucca Grill – 116 East Market Street – Place an Order or Make a Reservation at 309-828-7521

Pizza Bloomington IL

Pizza Bloomington IL

Welcome to Lucca Grill! We’ve been serving up great Italian food and pizzas here in Bloomington for many years. Join us for dine in or place an order for pick up.

We’re famous for our outstanding Pizza Bloomington IL – check out some of the highlights on our menu:

A La Baldini. Our most famous pie, this popular pizza is named for the founders of Lucca Grill, the Baldini brothers. Loaded with delectable toppings including savory sausage, ham, pepperoni, onions, green peppers, mushrooms and pepperoncini (mild Italian peppers).

10″ small
12″ medium
16″ large

Barber Shopper Special. (Inspired by Lucca Grill’s Tuesday evening regulars.) This pie is a cut above the rest, with onions, mushrooms and sausage, with pepperoncini on the side.

10″ small
12″ medium
16″ large

Meat Combo Pizza. Like the name says, this Pizza Bloomington IL features fresh ground beef, pepperoni, sausage and everyone’s favorite meat option – bacon.

10″ small
12″ medium
16″ large

Prima Veggie Special. We load up this fine Pizza Bloomington IL with mushrooms, green peppers, onions, black olives, green olives, pepperoncini and tomato slices

10″ small
12″ medium
16″ large

Lucca Supreme. This pizza has it all. Pepperoni, sausage, ground beef, green peppers, onions, ham, mushrooms, tomato slices, black olives and green olives

10″ small
12″ medium
16″ large

Create Your Own Pizza Bloomington IL. Have fun creating your own pie for your next pizza night. Choose toppings like: extra cheese, sausage, ground beef, pepperoni, mushrooms, bacon, ham, onions, pepperoncini, anchovies, tomatoes, black olives, green olives, green peppers, pineapple, jalapeno peppers, garlic, Giardinara peppers and roasted hatch green chili peppers.

10″ Small Cheese
12″ Medium Cheese
16″ Large Cheese

On a gluten-free diet? Try out our new 10.5″ gluten-free pizza crust option. (See farther down on this post for some of the benefits of gluten-free foods.)

Place your order now for Pizza Bloomington IL at 309-828-7521.

How well do you know pizza? Check out these definitions of pizza terms commonly in use throughout the industry.

-Bread Flour. A flour that produces high quality results when part of crusts and yeasted breads.

-Buffalo Mozzarella. A fresh, authentic mozzarella made from the milk of water buffalos. Typically in Italy. Many Pizza Bloomington IL fans consider it among the finest cheeses to use for pizza because of its creamy, subtle flavoring.

-Calzone. Pizza dough that chefs fold over to enclose cheese, sauce and toppings. The result is a turnover in the shape a crescent that bakes in an oven. Some varieties of the calzone include panzerotti and stromboli.

-California Style Pizza. This is a thin crust pizza with gourmet, unorthodox toppings. Chef Wolfgang Puck made this style of pizza quite popular.

-Char. Blackened areas on a thin crust pizza. Char forms when baking pizza in a very high temperature oven. This is frequently a signature of New York-style pizzas and brick oven Neapolitan pizza.

-Chicago Style Pizza. This local favorite is a deep-dish delight typically made in a pan with high sides. Pizza chefs coat the crust with oil and other ingredients, sometimes layering the inside. Also known as deep dish or pan pizza.

-Cornicione. The outer edge of a pizza.

-Crumb. The structure of a baked Pizza Bloomington IL interior bread or crust.

-Deep-Fried Pizza. A pizza with dough that’s fried in hot oil prior to adding sauce and cheese, then baking in an oven. Known as “pizza fritta” back in Italy.

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-Denominazione di Origine Controllate (DOC). In 1955, laws passed in Italy to shield the names and origins of trademarks of wines and foods with trademarks. The laws assure that any food items with the “DOC” marking comes from only certain Italian regions. The regions must have the designation as an official producer of the food item. The designation certifies that the items are made in accordance with strict principles regarding ingredients. For instance, if a cheese features the DOC marking, then you’ll know it is an authentic product.

-Dough Hooks. A stand mixer attachment that’s ideal for stirring and kneading batter and dough. Easier than kneading by hand.

-Fior Di Latte. Translates to “flower of the milk.” In contrast to buffalo mozzarella, in which buffalo’s milk is an ingredient. Fior di latte is a fresh type of mozzarella that’s made with cow’s milk.

-High-Gluten Flour. This is a type of flour containing high protein content.

-Kneading. The process of working and turning pizza dough to result in elasticity.

-New York City Style Pizza. This is a pizza with a thin crust made with hand-kneaded dough. Usually with toppings of a pureed tomato sauce, sugar, salt, oregano, mozzarella cheese, meats and vegetables.

-Pan Pizza. A thick crust Pizza Bloomington IL baked on a shallow pan.

-Pizza Bianca. Translates to “white pizza.” Basically a flatbread, Roman pizza but without a tomato sauce. Olive oil and salt provides flavor.

-Pizza Peel. A wooden, large paddle used for lifting pizza into and out of hot ovens. Very practical when baking pizzas directly upon stones, grills or brick ovens. Also known as a pizza paddle.

-Pizza Stone. A firm, heat-safe cooking surface ideal for baking pizzas. Pizza stones are made from polished stones. They replicate the effect of stone or brick ovens and facilitate home cooking in creating crispy pizzas and breads.

-San Marzano Tomatoes. A variety of plum tomatoes that grow in the soils of San Marzano, Italy. They are perfect for use in pizza sauce because of their minimal sugar content and quality flavor.

-Screen. A sturdy, shallow aluminum pan that has a mesh structure which is used for baking or cooling off a pizza.

-Tipo flour. A finely ground flour from Italy that has a high-gluten content. It’s used in the making of Neapolitan pizza pies.

We Have Gluten-Free Pizza Bloomington IL – Order Now at 309-828-7521

Following a diet that eliminates foods containing gluten is a must for people of any age who struggle with intolerance for gluten or with celiac disease. Gluten is found in many foods, ranging from cereals and breads to snack foods and beverages. Although this may make it very difficult to avoid foods that contain gluten, it is possible with some research and dedication.

Some of the advantages to choosing foods that don’t contain gluten include:

-Improves energy. By converting to a gluten-free dietary plan, you can provide your intestines with an opportunity to heal. This will help to restore more efficient absorption of nutrients and boost your energy.

-Helps reduce bloating. You may be prone to bloating or gassiness if you have celiac disease and consume foods containing gluten. If you change to gluten-free options, you will typically experience an immediate improvement and a midsection that is noticeably flatter following your meal.

-Helps to limit joint pain. Intolerance to gluten or celiac disease is often associated with the intestinal tract. However, there can be other effects, too. Because celiac disease can result in abnormal immune system reactions, it can also increase the risk of uncomfortable inflammation. Consequently, joint pain, particularly in the wrists and knees, is a commonly-experienced sign of celiac disease. Gluten-free diets can help to limit joint pain.

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