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     Lucca Banquet Facility

A Tradition of Quality

Lucca Grill Building When Brothers Fred and John Baldini opened the doors to The Lucca Grill for the first time in December 9 of 1936 it's difficult to say whether or not they had any inkling of what they had begun. Humble beginnings to be sure, an American dream of two Sons of immigrants from Lucca, Italy started at the end of the worst economic crisis their new country had ever seen. The City of Bloomington has been no stranger to seeing small businesses fail, but due to their great passion, this would not be the case for the now decades old establishment.

"Unchanging". From the antique mahogany bar and the historic tin ceiling, to the inclusive family-like atmosphere, the sands of time have taken very little. The charm of times-past has really ensnared the fancy of both townies, who once came in as children with their parents, and transplants, looking for their new regular spot. They all will drop in from time to time, to once again savor the unique "homey feeling" that is the Lucca Grill.

Lucca Grill's Bar Since this feeling of "belonging" never really ends, you will see many celebrations at the Lucca Grill. Nearly every day at Lucca is precious and important, marking first dates, engagements, birthdays and anniversaries, because current and former customers all know that the high level of quality in food and service will remain constant. Now, the next generations of owners, Tony Smith and John Koch continue to commit themselves to the traditions of the past, while carrying them forward for future generations of customers.
The Lucca Grill...truly, A Tradition Of Quality.

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